Saturday, March 5, 2011

First Friday Mass @ CKMS Mission House-March 4, 2011

                      "It's better to have a good and happy lay person
than to have a bad and unhappy priest."
---Fr. Mike Padua

When we left the seminary it did not mean that we are less blessed than those who pursued the priesthood. Rather, we were chosen to lead a life of good outside of the seminary, influence others based on the foundation of the SVD formation and be the cornerstones of a good citizenry.

The event was a homecoming of sort as me and my batchmate, Rey, got to meet the older XVDs, talk about the state of the SVD vocation, reminice on the good times of being in the confines of seminary, and touch base in terms of the upcoming XVD homecoming which is being organized by HS batch '85.  Mark the date:  August 20, 2011.

Fr. Mike Padua graced the occasion with his presence and co-celebrated the First Friday Mass together with Fr. Tony (who is currently on vacation from his mission in Papua New Guinea).

Special thanks to our classmate Anthony Lapuz for financing the food for this event.

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