Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Incredible Hotness of Stacy Keibler

Let's face it, other than the acrobatic moves, the good and the bad drama, and the colorful characters, another undeniable magnet to watch the WWE are those skimpily clad lady wrestlers that occasionally doses the program with some sexy time events such as mud and strip wrestling!  Oh the glory of it all!  Anyway, my favorite among these wrestling babes happen to be Stacy Keibler.  Well, aside from her bombshell looks, she is the girl next door type in contrast to the other ladies that are more aggressive looking---that is until she strips down to her thong bikinis! 

I have outgrown the scripted drama of watching WWE but I definitely still got the hots for Stacy Keibler.  Sharing with you the latest pictures I found of her courtesy of Esquire magazine.  Enjoy!

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