Sunday, December 26, 2010

Californication Season 4

With season 4 airing early next year it seems that Hank Moody has got himself quite the following. Love him, hate him, you just can't get enough of Mr. Moody!

Season 3 ended with Hank confessing his "deed" with Mia to Karen which got Hank into a scuffle with the police and being carted off into a police car. That was more than a year ago, December 13, 2009 to be exact. Well, for those of you following the shenanigans of Hank Moody, I got the chance to watch the first two episodes of the fourth season and I must say that---it was worth the wait!

Unfortunately, Jackie (played by Eva Amurri), the student slash stripper who was Hank's love interest in the previous season is no longer with the show. However, a new character is introduced for the latest season that would surely spice up Hank's sex life!

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