Friday, December 10, 2010

Ellen Adarna: FHM Autograph Signing, Robinson's Galleria

Right place. Right time. And my trusty camera at hand. That's what exactly happened this evening when I was in the vicinity of Robinson's Galleria and chanced upon the autograph signing of December FHM cover girl Ellen Adarna.

Hosted by Magic 89.9 deejay Sam YG of the Boy's Night Out, the Robinson's Galleria Movieworld was lined with Ellen fanatics clutching their copy of FHM's December issue and waiting avidly to have them personalized. I already bought my copy a couple of days back so I was just one of the UZIS (usiseros) milling around to catch a glimpse of this mythical bird and hopefully capture a couple of good photos.

There were a couple of ladies in the crowd but most were made up of males---BATMANs(batang maniacs) as Sam YG would describe them! Testosterone filled the air and restless gesticulation conveyed the excitement of seeing Ellen who was already 30 minutes late for the occasion. But the wait was worth it. Whatever aches and discomfort the waiting crowed endured was forgotten as her stunning beauty climbed up the podium in a short black dress showcasing her porcelain white legs! You could actually hear the collective thumping of heartbeats with each passing minute as the BATMANS got more excited! Man, it was literally getting hot in that crowd! Good thing that I was just in the second row from the barrier (obvious bang matagal din akong nag antay?) and had a good clear shot of the stage (additional thanks to my zoom lens). As soon as I got my shots I immediately extricated myself from the overheating cluster!

Afterwhich, lost were my bad feelings of having recently lost some photos due to file corruption. These photos surely salved that gnawing feeling of loss.

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