Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Lenten Thought

I have always thought that lent is the most boring holiday ever! During my earlier years, it was four days of doing nothing. There were only five channels during that time and all of them sign off during this time of the year. My mother was a strict Catholic and we were not allowed to play either. Well, we'd pray the rosary and go to church but you can only do so much of that when you're young and adrenaline filled. Those were the days...

Now, there's cable, PSP, Nintendo, DVD and internet. I still pray yes, but now there's more things to while the time with. Now I wonder---did it really become better? Before, you had no choice but to think about God; now God seemed to have been put in the backseat for other hedonistic enterprise.

I will not point fingers for I am a prey to these pagan rituals myselt---guilty beyond reasonable doubt! Heck, I was in a "Spartacus" marathon just a while ago!

So let me call on all of you reading this blog to just pause for a while and think of everything that we have done so far to deserve this precious gift called LIFE. Well, I did it a while ago and was hard fought in capturing only a handful. What about you?

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