Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Message of Christ's Sacrifice

Love. That is the meaning behind Christ's sacrifice on the cross. God loved us so much that He sacrificed His own Son to cleanse us from our sins and give us another chance to be under His glorious shadow.

It is therefore our purpose as Christians to share the same love to our fellow men---not necessarily having ourselves nailed to the cross---but to give the same unquestioning love to those in need of it.

The cliche "love your enemies" is easier said than done. However, we must always remember that love does come with some degree of sacrifice. The greater the sacrifice, the greater the love. Let us also admit that, enemies not withstanding, they do have their share in making us who we are. The very purpose of their existence in our lives mold our character and make us, hopefully, better individuals.

John Lennon's political slogan "make love not war" should be our state of mind everytime we go about our daily business. Conflict is the anti-thesis of love and should be avoided as much as possible. Getting in conflict with other people will make loving a lot more harder to do. As my boss would say, "why make your life miserable?" Again, easier said than done.

No one is perfect. This is the reason why entertaining the thought of marriage needs to be a real soul searching and mind exhausting activity. Why? Well, binding your self to another person UNTIL DEATH DO YOU PART is a real serious contract stipulation!

Saying YES to the invitation of marriage would mean forever loving that person and all the imperfections that go with him/her. A person may be beautiful or handsome now but time does have its ways of turning things around. Sexy now, fat later. Macho now, pot bellied later. Which is why there is another clause in the marriage contract saying FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE. Man! God's attorney was a real stickler for details!

With LOVE there is HAPPINESS. When there's HAPPINESS there is PEACE.

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