Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bad Karma in Bora

My BEST vacation was actually my WORST. It was the best because it was in Boracay! It was the worst because…well, let me just tell you the story.

Truth be told, I’m no beach bum and swimming is not one of my strong point. Now let me segue a while why I never got t know how to swim. I guess watching all those “JAWS” films scarred me for life! Really! I guess I just have too much imagination that whenever I try submerging myself neck deep in water I always imagine a giant shark out there that’s got his appetite set on me! That is why you won’t find me waddling in deep water---not even a swimming pool! Hmmmmm…come to think of it…I also don’t like riding any kind of sea vessels! ---Curse on you JAAAWWWSSS!

Anyway, back to my story.

I may also be the most boring guy you’ll ever take a vacation with! I’d rather chill inside the hotel room and indulge myself in it’s amenities than go outside and explore. Yeah, I know---party-pooper, right? However, I do have certain interests that had my radar blaring like crazy when a company outing was set for Boracay!

It was in the summer of 1997 and Boracay was the word of mouth of everyone come this time of the year! Sun, sea, sand, and a cacophony of beautiful women!

Since I’m no fan of the beach per se then you know what my motivations were during that time! Anyway, Bocacay stories have been abound during that time and as far as those that I have heard---it’s a testosterone heaven! Oh, and did I tell you that I’m an Art Studies major? Well, I AM and needless to say that this was also because of pure appreciation of beauty… I guess I’m just trying to justify my motivations…back to my story then…

The beach was where the action was and even before our bangka even got to reach shore I was already holding a binocular scanning, searching, with hawk eyes and then---BINGO! At starboard side were two gorgeous ladies, a blonde and a brunette, basking under the 11am sun in their “Sunday dress”! “Man-oh-man, I’m definitely going to enjoy this vacation,” I told myself and sporting an ear to ear grin of pure satisfaction!

I wasted no time with unpacking my things and ignored the advice of friends to put on sun tan lotion (a major mistake I should say) before going to my “adventure”. By 12nn I was prowling the beach for more “sight seeing”. I walked the whole length of the White Beach from Station 4 to Station 1! It was already too late when I finally came to the realization that in my haste, there was one thing I forgot to consider. Those ladies sprawled on the beach when we arrived and the others like them; well, they also needed to take lunch! So there I was all baked and sun burned---for nothing!

Night life was also big in Boracay and what you see on the beach by day even becomes hotter by night---at least that’s what my friends told me! While they were enjoying the island’s nocturnal habits, I was in our room wrapped up in a blanket and chilling with a high fever! No one knew that I was sick. I just told them that I was bushed and wanted to stay in and sleep. However, sleep did not come to visit me that night. I was in pain! It was then that I realized what a roasted pig felt! My skin was parched and my face felt so tight that I could have been---BOTOXed! The experience was HELL on earth I tell you!

I did live to see another day and still got to get my “eye-full” of the beach but that night surely negated all the fun I had! I was sun burned for more than three weeks---a blatant reminder that KARMA has its way of revealing itself. Anyway, I’m going back to the island late this summer with my wife of 20 years and enjoy the honeymoon we never had! This one I will definitely enjoy!

First thing to pack---the DSLR with the telephoto lens!-LOL


erwinator said...

definitley agree with the sightseeing part. lol;-p

kenwooi said...

time to spot some bikini babes =P

nonomaca said...

thanks for the comments guys! i'll post pictures after the trip!