Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Have a Choice

My family was on our way to the office to rendezvous with the bus plying the company employees to its annual summer outing at Enchanted Kingdom. We took a taxi going there since we were running late. Well, you know cab drivers, they’re quite the chatty type---eager to strike a conversation. I guess their job is too monotonous that talking is a form of catharsis. Anyway, he was listening to Love Radio and the topic of the hour was the recent catastrophes happening around the world.

Question: “Is it still safe to live on Earth?”

“Ano ba yan? E saan pa ba tayo titira kung hindi sa Earth, wala naman tayong choice di ba?” was my answer to the radio. Sangayon naman si Manong Driver kasi nga naman, “Hindi naman tayong pwede tumira sa Pluto (masyado daw malayo) o di kaya’y sa Mars (kasi masyado daw mainit).”

“Kung meron mang safe na lugar sa Earth e sa alapaap yun,” ang dagdag kong sabi.

I began to think that a Sky Hotel would be nice; or, a space station like what they have in the Star Trek series!

“Naku, di uubra yun! Pano kung mabangga ka ng eroplano? E di patay ka! O di kaya ay anurin ka ng hangin at di ka na makalipad?” ang kontrang sagot ni Manong Driver. Wettaminit, parang mas imaginative pa sa akin itong si Manong Driver a! May kakayanan na ba tayong lumipad na parang ibon? Ano bang kinarga mo manong?

Since this discussion will only lead both of us to the inevitable conclusion we don’t want to ponder on, I decided to shift to another topic whose result is entirely on our hands---the 2010 presidential elections.

“Sino po ba ang iboboto nyong presidente manong?” ang tanong ko may Manong Driver.

“Si Noynoy po sir,” ang sagot ni Manong Driver.

“E bakit naman po si Noynoy? Ano po ba ang ginawa nya nung sya ay nagging kongresista at senador para makuha ang boto nyo?” ang follow up question ko.

“I kasi siya na ang pinakamalinis na kandidato na di mangungurakot…parang nanay at tatay nya.” ang sagot ni Manong Driver.

I’m voting for Richard Gordon. Why? Because being righteous is not enough to run a country. I do not believe that Noynoy can eradicate corruption. Those are empty promises. Why? Because he doesn’t possess the same BRASS BALLS as his father, Ninoy. I also do not believe that Noynoy has a clear cut plan of government since unlike the other presidential candidates, who announced their intent since last year, Noynoy announced his candidacy as if just to capitalize on the overwhelming support shown during the burial of his mother Cory early this year.
I’m inclined to believe that Noynoy will be relying heavily on the advice of those who convinced him to run for president. That, my friends, is a very frightening scenario!
This is the very same scenario when Cory was brought into power. However, those were desperate times that needed desperate measures. This is not true today. We have a choice. A choice to make a difference.
Manong Driver hinted that he is inclined to vote for Mr. Gordon but he is reluctant to sway this way since it might as well be a wasted vote given his survey standings. This is another problem in our voting population’s mind set. HINDI PO TAYO TUMATAYA NG PUSTAHAN KUNG SINO ANG MANANALO. TAYO PO AY BOBOTO KASI NANINIWALA TAYO SA KAKAYANAN NG ISANG KANDIDATO NA MATUPAD ANG MINIMITHI NATING PAGBABAGO.
Mr. Gordon may not look good in the surveys but I believe in what he can do to our country if he will become president. I will vote for Mr. Gordon on May 10 and if he loses on his bid then it’s our country’s loss. God help us!

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