Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What were they thinking?!

Major inconvenience! That's what the organizers of the Edsa celebration brought the commuters this afternoon! With the Ortigas-Santolan part of Edsa closed to the afternoon rush hour, north-bound vehicles needed to be re-routed---causing bedlam in the Julia Vargas and San Miguel avenue area of the Ortigas Center.

In itself, those two avenues already accommodates voluminous amount of traffic on a normal day---now imagine the addition of buses into the mix and you'll get indescribable chaos! Whoever thought of that routing scheme should get axed!

What I don't understand is why schedule a major celebration on a working day?! Given that the holiday was declared in advance---the commemoration should have been done earlier too(maybe at least with the part where there is a street activity).

With the the assigned detour route already congested, commuters like me, turned to the MRT. Man! It was similarly chaotic as well! MRT admin needed to stop northbound commuters from entering the loading area since it was already filled to the brim!

It was hot and with everyone raring to load up and go home---tempers flared! It was a good thing that level headed-ness prevailed and we all got our ride. Unfortunately for me, I got so confused with all the commotion that instead of taking the northbound train, I got into the southbound one and ended up taking an unscheduled tour of the metro!

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