Friday, February 12, 2010

A Jeepney Driver Question

I have been riding the jeepney all my life and I've grown fond of observing the jeepney driver and his various idiosyncracies. For instance, most of them are smokers---to hell with the no smoking law in public places! They also have this knack for buying "sampaguita" and those patched up round rags. But one thing that have really caught my attention is their driving posture. Why in the hell do they sit that way?! Body to the side and practically sitting at the middle of the front seat. Well, you're suppose to sit facing straight while driving, right? How are you suppose to have a peripheral vision of the side mirror, correct? So the question that begs an answer is WHY? Dumbfounded. That was what I am with regard to this subject matter. I asked my wife this question the other day and I do believe her answer is the most logical one.
As I've mentioned earlier I have been a commuter for the longest time and being so I have experienced not feeling the lower half of my body after a long trip. In order to counter act this inconvenience I change position every once in a while changing the concentration of my body weight to the left and right side of my tush. I tell you, having that numbing feeling is really very uncomfortable---very much like a thousand needles pricking your balls simultaneously! So I guess this is also true for jeepney drivers. They who toil the whole day driving us from one destination to the other. Well, if you have other opinion, do let me know.

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