Friday, February 19, 2010

Philippine National Election 2010

Since the presidentiables began to hit the airwaves with their vision of the future in relation to the Philippine’s socio-political destiny, I have been wondering in the borderline of a reverse peristaltic movement and getting a lobotomy! For me, all these talk of honesty, ascension from poverty, and economic turn around is just that…TALK!
Twenty-three years as a registered voter and the political playing field remains the same.

The problem with us Filipinos is that we vote based on popularity than merit. He who dominates the media war gets the votes. In other words, he whose political war chest is heaviest is usually awarded the Malacanyang residence!

Now, why is this?

Simply because we are a media dominated society where a household is never complete without a TV set or a radio. Want proof? Just look at the top of the houses of those squatter shanties and tell me what you see. TV antennas, right? See my point?

This would make the life of a political campaigner easy---just get yourself a catchy jingle and you’ll surely be the ring tone for many a cellphone!

Needless to say, you need a lot of money to win the presidency. Well, I’m talking in the sum of millions! Running a 30 second add on TV is already in the hundreds of thousands---and that’s just one media. Add in radio and print ads and you’ll be amazed as to the obscenity of the amount! So, its either a candidate is already filthy rich or he gets the support of others who’ve got the gazillions to spare! The problem with these supporters is that when you win---they’ve got your balls tied to a leash! Ouch!

This should not be the case. Bottomline is---we don’t need promises. We don’t need ALMS. Who we need is a leader who can move us into ACTION! Being the president does not mean putting the burden of the nation on one shoulder but more being able to influence every Filipino to share the burden with him.

We need to make the intelligent decision to choose our next president. We need to filter out the bullshit in their speech. Let us put a stop to the senseless media campaign! Challenge them to reallocate the media campaign of budget and give to our public school teachers who are grossly underpaid. Let us put our presidentiables in public forums where they can talk about their accomplishments as public servants and in the private sector, talk about their plan of governance and how they intend to accomplish them. Let them justify themselves to us, the voters. Do not let their money dictate our decision---get their money and then vote wisely.
Let us make our own destiny!

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