Friday, July 18, 2008

Thinking of You

I co-wrote this poem in 1992 with a friend who was courting a girl(who soon became his wife)...

Thinking of You
by Joel Lee and Carlos Macarayan(1992)

It was a long cold night
in my little sleeping box
Unable to get a yawn nor wink
Amidst my sleeping suit and sox.
And so I thought of writing
A poem for you, my dear
Reminiscing those prcious moments
To exorcise all my fears.
But then I thought...
I am neither skilled nor capable
To think of words that rhyme
And so there I was flustered
Thinking hard while playing with my dime.
Ahh, but the thought of you
Gives me such strenght and inspiration
To go beyond myself,
And conquer this trepidation...
And so I think of you and sigh---
My hands and my mind possessed
As I find my quill pouring out words
That I have long wanted to confess...
I love you so and I always will
No matter the adversity
You will always be in my heart
For eternity.

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