Friday, July 18, 2008

The Lonely Journey Home

I used to take the bike to and from work when I was just a service crew and going home at night was real me a real close encounter with a bat once---let's just say we got to bond together for a little while!

The Lonely Journey Home by Carlos Macarayan(1994)

Alone on a deserted highway
Not a soul in sight
Only you, the tall "dayami", and
The symphonic croaking of frogs
Accompanying your every step...
Like swimming in murky waters
The darkness envelopes you
Heart pumping as
The rush of wind buffets
Cool blows upon your face...
Often times would cling
To your being, and
As you go deeper into the night
You fight,
To keep control
Wrestling with ghouls and goblins
In your schizophernic mind...
But as the clouds give way to the moon
You see,
The reason for your journey
Illuminated by the laughter of children,
The Joy that pervades, and
Banishes all the fears,
Exorcising the anxieties of
The lonely journey...Home

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