Monday, July 14, 2008

Talking About Brett Favre

I fellow football enthusiast told me last Thursday that Greenbay quarterback, Brett Favre, is mulling a return to active play after announcing his retirement a couple of months ago. Obviously I haven't been following the post-Superbowl news as of late---well, except for that teary retirement speech of Brett.

I root for two football teams in the NFL---the San Francisco 49'ers and the Greenbay Packers, but primarily the Niners. I recently shifted to the Packers when Steve Young retired.
When Brett got to the podium to bid his football career good-bye I was NFL comatosed. Who do I root for now that Brett decided he'd be fishing on the next football season? Anyway, the latest talk about a comeback stirred me from my slumber. True enough, when I logged in the NFL website, there it was---Brett is definitely coming back for, I'd guess, I more year! Can't blame him though. He ended last season with an interception filled game it must have like bile that wouldn't seem to wear off or a relationship turned sour that needed...closure.

Unfortunately, the Greenbay organization isn't about ready to get him back for the reason that they have already committed to the rebuilding of the team without Brett. So, I guess, it's going to be another team for Mr. Favre next season.

Question now is: "Who's going to gamble on a 40 year old quarterback?" I'm sure Brett won't settle for a secondary position. Well, if price wouldn't be an issue, I'm praying that the 49'ers would send an offer sheet. Their main quarterback, Alex Smith, didn't give impressive numbers last season. Maybe the 49'ers organization will see the possibility of giving Favre his last hurrah and at the same time let their young quarterbacks learn from the master. Wishful thinking? I guess we'll find out when the next season begins. For the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Note: This blog was a result of an excessive amount of ice coffee I just injested!

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