Thursday, November 24, 2011

Victoria Court: Moulin Rouge Party Room

Had another great time with my wife at Victoria Court last November 6.  Thanks to another discount offer from Groupon-Beeconomic.

This time, we chose the Moulin Rouge suite (see my Venice Room blog here  Actually, my first option was the Oval Office since I wanted a well lit room.  Unfortunately, it was under renovation that time.

Based on the pictures I've seen of Moulin Rouge, it was gloomy and looked ominous---which does not fare well with scaredy-cat like me.  However, as soon as I opened the door to the suite, I was awe struck with the grandeur of the place!  The only thing missing were the cabaret girls doing the can-can dance! (As if my wife would subscribe to such a thing!)

 The voucher was for a 12 hour stay, but my wife and I really enjoyed the place that another 12 hour extension was in order (which was still a steal at the rate of Php 2,000 for another 12 hours stay).  

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