Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pizzas: What is SULIT?

I feel like Kris Aquino's son Bimby asking this question.  Let me assure you though that this entry is not all about milk. 

I was in a discussion with a collegue yesterday about the new pizza dough of Greenwich.  I am a pizza lover and I have come to taste most, if not all, of the leading pizza brands in the Philippines:  Greenwich, Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab, Shakey's, Sbarro, and Papa John's.  Taste-wise they have their own unique delectable taste.  Price is more or less the same also.  But are they filling to eat?  That's where the debate arose.  For me, it has got to be both delicious and filling to make it spending money on.  You should come out of the joint with a smile on your face and a full stomach.  That's SULIT!

My position in this discussion is that the Greenich thick crust pizza does not have heft to tank me up like the other pizza brands previously mentioned.  I once attended a meeting with Greenwich as the food sponsor.  We were served four 18" pizzas and honestly, if decorum did not get the better of me, I could have devoured a whole box in a wink!  Oh, it's delicious alright!  But if I were the one paying, I would have ordered from another and paid for three instead of four.  Now why is that?

Value for money is something that I always look for.  If you're the one toiling for the money, you'd always want to get your money's worth in everything you spend on.  You'd always look for durability, after sales services, long warranty, and other add ons that will provide you something extra.  Well, I can splurge on something (specially if it's a new eatery) just for taste but I won't do that on a regular basis. 

Greenich's dough is like pandesal in terms of texture and brawn.  In other words---it looks good but there ain't that much to eat.  I suggest you pick on their chicken instead.

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