Friday, April 1, 2011

Adrianne Palicki: The New Incarnation of Wonder Woman

After Lynda Carter gave life to the DC comic superheroine in the TV series "Wonder Woman" from 1975-1979 no one has claimed the role since.   I can still remember when I sat agog watching this beautiful lady in the star-speckled undies stomping on bad guys left and right.  At my young age it was my first taste of porn.  Naturally, I watched it every chance I got.  The recent chatter about a new Wonder Woman revived my swooning over the Amazon Princess.  

Adrianne who?  Well let's go ask the ever reliable Wikipedia.  Hey!  She's actually blonde!  If you're a follower of the TV series "Supernatural"  Adrianne Palicki played Jesse, the doomed girlfriend of Sam Winchester.  The brunette-do will take a little getting used to though.

Adrianne (left) and Lynda (right)---now and then.

The spandex pants is a disappointment...and blue boots? 
What were they thinking?!

Due to fan outrage, the costume designer finally got to his senses and
changed the boots back to red.  Now why don't we bring back
that star-speckled undies!

Oh man, this would have been real nice!


ken said...

haha megan fox? that wud be hilarious :P

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