Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lola Ayak: In Requiem

It was barely two months ago that my wife and I were in Dingle, Iloilo under the cordial reception of Lola Ayak. At 95 years old, this woman puts real meaning to the simile "as strong as an ox"! So it was a surprise to all of us when we heard that Lola Ayak passed away early morning today. Apparently, Lola Ayak went into a coma late night of the 24th and never recovered.
I remember her fondly because everytime we're in Dingle, she'd always pass me something to eat as if I have a "give me food" neon sign on my forehead! That, and her knack of speaking to me in a barrage of Visayan where all I can understand is, "Noy, @#$%&!" I'm not sure if she notices my glaced eyes during this litany where I could only rhetorically reply, "Opo". For all I know she's asking me if I ate already! Hmmm...come to think of it...those were rather looooong monologues for a question...anyway...
Dingle visits won't be the same without Lola Ayak!
Maria Tinzon: Mother and Beloved Lola---May you rest in peace!

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