Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Series to Watch: Falling Skies

Forget the back story and go to the action!  That's what the two-part pilot of "Falling Skies" was all about. 

The aliens came and conquered and humanity is in for a revolution to reclaim the world.  It's Terminator with six legged aliens supported by mechanized bi-pedal robots.  Wooooo!  That got my testosterone on overdrive!  Hey, what can I say---I'm into the man vs. alien genre!  Walang siraan ng trip!

Noah Wyle (who is more popularly know as John Carter of hit series ER) plays the role of Tom Mason, a Boston history professor forced by circumstances to be part of the revolutionary group the 2nd Massachussets to fight against the invading aliens.  He has 3 sons, Hal (the eldest), Ben (the middle child and who was captured by the aliens), and Max (the youngest).  The rescue of Ben plays as the subplot of the series.

Unfortunately, the series does not air yet in the Philippines (good thing there's torrent).  But I'm sure it's coming real soon.

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