Friday, January 21, 2011

The Tourist: A Must Watch!

I'm a big Angelina Jolie fan.  She is not just a good actress but her beauty can really light up the big screen in her lonesome.  

In "The Tourist", she plays Elise, a woman caught in a quagmire of deception between the MI6 and the elusive Alexander Pearce (who also happens to be Elise's former lover).  Add on a gangster named Reginald Shaw whose hunting Mr. Pearce for stealing 2 billion dollars.  And then there's Frank Tupelo (played by Johnny Depp), an American math teacher who is on an impromptu trip to Europe to mend a broken heart.

As instructed by Alexander, Elise selects Frank as the unwitting bait to misdirect the MI6 from apprehending him.  And there the adventure begins.  With news that Alexander have had extensive facial surgery, MI6 don't have any clue as to what he looks like---even Elise.  Who is Mr. Pearce?  Watch it and find out.  One thing I can ensure you is that mindless of my infatuation with Ms. Jolie, this film is worth spending money on. 

For me, there's no getting enough of Ms. Jolie!

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