Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Due Date

I've been a Robert Downey fan for the longest time. I admire his versatility as an actor. He can handle drama, comedy, and action with absolute ease. But I like him the most doing comedy.

I watched his recent comedic work, Due Date, the other day and it was a blast!

The story evolved around two strangers, Peter (Robert Downey Jr) and Ethan (Zach Galifianakis), who were forced to go on a cross country road trip due to a series of unfortunate events that got them booted out of the airport as flight risks.

The two characters meet at the Atlanta airport and are both on their way to Los Angeles. Peter, an architect, is on his way home to be with his pregnant wife in time for the birth of their child. Ethan, is an aspiring actor on his way to Hollywood with the dream of making it big. Their trip was a disaster filled with humorous episodes that would make you cry in laughter! Watch out for the special talent of Ethan's dog Sonny!

Not unless Robert Downey charged for an fat talent fee, this film seems like a low budget film. Except for the cameo roles of Juliet Lewis and Jamie Foxx no other notable actor appeared in this movie. However, this did not deter the film from delivering a belly up kind of humor.

Definitely a stress busting movie to watch!

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