Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rating My First Foot Spa Ever

It has been a long understanding of mine that SPA-ing is for women and gay men only. Hence it is anathema for me to even hint of wanting to get one less I want to be labeled as gay!

This notion has ebbed in recent past with a couple of my male (tunay na lalaki) friends getting into foot spa-ing! “Sarap feeling”, “nakaka relax”, and “nakakatangal stress” are the most heard of comments from them, but still, at the back of my mind, it is and always be a girl thing!

My wife---well, she’s a foot spa addict! Once a month she’d text her home service practitioner to get her dose of foot spa and pedicure/manicure. Naturally, her Mother’s Day request was---you guessed that right---FOOT SPA! So there we were at the “Nature’s Way Aroma Therapy Salon” in SM Fairview looking at the various foot pampering services: foot spa with pedicure, foot spa with pedicure and massage, foot spa with pedicure/manicure/massage---how gay can you get?! Anyway, my wife was prodding me to join her in this trip and with nothing better to do---I gave in!

The service took a little more than an hour with a whole lot of scrubbing, massaging and an occasional question, “sir, magpapa pedicure ba kayo?” Hello! Ganon ba kapangit mga daliri ko sa paa?! Glancing at my feet…well… “E ano naman kung mukhang pang magsasaka ang paa ko?!”

Personally, I found nothing special to it. The scrubbing was not particularly relaxing and my son Ringo can give me the same quality foot massage at a significantly lower price! The seat was soft and comfortable but being positioned one way all throughout the experience kindda gave my rear end the same numb feeling during a long bus ride! In fairness though, my feet did feel “silky smooth afterwards”.

Will I again pay for my own foot massage? Nope! But my wife, who was absolutely blooming after her service, definitely will!

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