Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boracay Island Tour

Did I tell you that I have this big water phobia? Open sea actually. Well, I do. Now here's the dilema: I wanted my wife to enjoy our Boracay vacation and between the island tour and the buggy ride, the latter was the best way to go. So there I was trying to look cool and composed where in fact I'm near to shitting on my pants!

The ride started well enough. My wife snorkled for a while and was prodding me to get into the water. One look in the sea green water was enough to scare the living crap out of me---but---I calmly refused. Truth be known, I was so wanting to get to dry land! Then, when it was time to move on, the damn motor won't start! I looked at my left and saw land but as the boat drifted (and the bangkero trying hard to revive the motor), I glanced starboard side and saw an everlasting sea---i started praying! Fortunately, after an eternity of trying, the motor came to life and we were again enroute to the various destinations: Bulabog Beach, Puca Beach, the caves, and the various high end hotels on the other side of the white beach. I started praying again when we reached the bend back to the stations. It seemed that the sea was angry at that part of the island that our bangka was being tossed around by high waves!

I was in a mental panic and trying to be composed at the same time! Man! That was hard to do! It was 15 minutes of panic! Before we finally got into calmer waters my head was screaming "Susmaryosep! Susmaryosep! Susmaryosep!" and at the same time saying "Whooooopeee!" to my wife who was holding me tightly! Talk about multi-tasking!
But despite of this, Boracay remains to be an amazing vacation destination!

Ate Levi seeing us off to our island tour.

Our own private bangka: The Mac Mac

Our bangkeros.

D Talipapa
The Monaco Suites
Puca Beach
What happens in Puca Beach stays in Puca Beach.

Manny Pacquiao's Boracay West Cove

Shangri-la Boracay

Club Panoly

Can't seem to get enough of these sail boats! With the blue sky and clear blue water as foreground and background---it's simply spectacular to behold!

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