Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tim Tebow, #15, Florida Gators

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again---Tim Tebow is a MONSTER! He is the quarterback for the Florida Gators and he’s a mean, lean, fighting machine! He’s got brawn, the arm strength, and speed. He’s a scrambler who can hurt you on the ground and in the air. He was such an outstanding athlete that he was given the honor of being the Heinsman Trophy winner last 2007. The first college sophomore to do so!

And by the way…he’s WHITE!

Unlike any normal scrambling quarterbacks, Tebow is a power runner, who would barrel over the defense, lowers his shoulders and takes the hit. I have watched the highlight reels and man, can this guy take a hit!

The thing is he is exposing himself to being so banged up as a rusher he may not have much of a body left to play pro football. As a quarterback, his line may not be protecting him enough also. He has already been sacked 15 times after 7 games this season. The same number of times he was sacked the previous season.

Statistically, Tebow is prolific! During his Heisman winning season last 2007, he completed 66.9 percent of his passes for 3,286 yards, ran for 895 more and accounted for a whopping 55 touchdowns (32 passing, 23 rushing)---the first college football player to get more than 20 passing and rushing touchdowns in a season! The following year, he completed 64.6 percent of his passes for 2,746 yards, ran for 673 more and totaled 42 scores (30 passing, 12 rushing).

Florida’s “spread offense” was meant to confuse the defender with the dual threat of quarterback; however, the passing game is a two way street---a competent passing QB and wideouts that could make the catch.

Florida’s passing game was affected by the jump of their number one receiver, Percy Harvin, to the NFL. Now, Tebow is running the ball more than usual and passing the ball less. He has gone two games this season without a touchdown. Passing in the red zone has been a struggle. Their last two games were unconvincing. Their game against Arkansas was won by a late field goal and yesterday’s game against Mississippi State, where Tebow had no TD and was picked off twice at the end zone that were returned for touchdowns, was sealed by a Florida interception that was returned for a touchdown. No arguments though---a win is still a win irregardless of the situation and Florida remains unbeaten at 7-0.

There is no question about Tim Tebow’s athleticism or his heart. It’s just that no one can carry a football team all on his own---not unless he is actually Superman!

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