Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heroes Season 3

New season, new twist.

Season 2 left off with Sylar getting back his powers and resumes the latest season with our favorite villain finally cornering Claire and gets to dissect her brain. Thing is, he does not kill her for some special reason (which is still unfolding).

Then comes a new revelation: Peter, Nathan, and Sylar---siblings? Well, apparently, Sylar was given up for adoption by Mrs. Petrelli (reason still unknown). Now that makes Claire her nephew, right?

Sylar as the protagonist? After being captured (again) by the Corporation and "nurtured" by Mrs. Petrelli, Sylar is being groomed as unlikely partner of Noah Bennet to capture the escapees of Level 5. Will he be able to prove himself the heroe? Or, will he make a smorgasborg out of the escapees and steal all their powers?

The premise of the show remains the same---to change the future! Yeah, yeah, time travel is a bit unfair! Ok! It's unreasonable! Anyway, at the beginning of the first season, we had a lone time bender in Hiro Nakamura and by its season ender Peter inherits Hiro's powers and began using it in the second season. Needless to say, future-Peter changes the future once more when he goes back to the past and tries to assasinate his own brother, Nathan, whose decision to divulge the existence of people with special abilities leads to a tumultuous future. Does he die? Yup! For all you Nathan Petrelli fans, no need to worry because he was risen from the dead by the dead Mr. Lindermann! Now how the fuck is that possible?! I guess we'd just see as the new season unfolds!

Many male viewers went amuck as Nikki's character was killed the last season but I guess the producers saw the impact of Ali Larter's presence in the show and wrote a storyline for her to be back in the cast of the latest season as Nikki's identical sister.

As a whole, I find it still worth the watch time.

So far, 3 episodes have aired. Episode 4 is already out in torrent.

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