Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boxers or Brief?

Working after lunch can be very challenging. I’ve tried to sneak in a 30 minute snooze before and what I got after was a big throbbing headache! So I just try to relax and watch my favorite TV series (now it’s “How I met Your Mother”). However, once the 1 o’clock lights goes on and it’s back to work, sometimes you just can’t keep your eyes on straight and you end up crossed eyed sleepy in front of your computer! Darn I hate those moments! Specially when I’m in the middle of composing an advisory and I just couldn’t get my head on straight! I’ve tried splashing water over my face, shimmying like a wet dog, slapping my face silly---but when I sit down I’m back to slumber mode!

Last Friday was no exception. So instead of doing the usual wake up routine that I do, I went around the office and did a survey. The question: What do you prefer in a man---BOXERS or BRIEF? My respondents---all the ladies present on our floor! Total: 10. Based on the survey results 70% of the ladies like men in boxers! Now, let me clarify that of the respondents who voted boxers---71% wanted the cycling short style…thing. My idea of a boxer short is the loose kind with the button fly (didn’t realize there was this other…thing!). Well, I guess this reinforces my wife’s thing for boxers too! And she tells me that I look good in in them---how can you argue with that?! So one day at the department store she buys me these boxers for me to wear. The first day I wore one it felt like my package was all over the place! It just wouldn’t stay put! Now, I just walk from Edsa to San Miguel Avenue where the office is located (if you’re familiar with the place---you’d say that’s quite a long walk) and when I say walk I say brisk walking! Weird thing when you’re walking this fast and you’re on boxers is that your nuts is ding-donging as you go! Heck, it’s damn WEIRD! Another odd thing about boxers is the button fly. My question is---why put on buttons at all? I mean, for convenience I don’t button up when wearing boxers. Imagine this: you’re already in the verge of exploding in your pants and you couldn’t get the damn buttons to open!! See?

Yes, the front opening is convenient for immediate release (specially after gulping a lot of bottomless ice tea!). But putting the package back in feels kinda awkward. Sometimes you think its already in but no sooner that you feel that its still dangling outside the damn boxers! Guys, you know how it feel to have your package hitting zipper, right?! Totally NOT COOL!!

I guess I need to tell the missus to buy me those boxer briefs instead!