Saturday, May 21, 2011

Senior vs Junior Season 2

Well, it's still American Chopper no question about that!  But now, it focuses on the rift between father and son who are now building bikes separately.  Senior remains the OCC stalwart and Junior is now the boss of his own custom bike company---Paul Junior Designs.

Custom bikes for all intent and purpose are original and designed based on the customer's wants.  OCC started out as custom bike builders but Senior had grander ideas with regard to the direction of the company and also diversified to production bikes.  PJD is still a fledgeling company but based on the builds that they have done, Junior's creativity as a designer is once again put in the spotlight.  There's no denying it---Junior is a master in terms of bike design and the addition of Vinnie is truly a welcome development. After all, they did have a good working relationship back in OCC.  This collaborative kinship is, I should say, the foundation of PJD as a company. 

However, an excellent designer that he is, Junior should also learn from what OCC did to hasten the creative process and hire a graphic designer (like what Jason Pohl is to OCC). 

It is quite difficult for others to follow what Junior has in mind if there is no graphic representation.  You can just see how Brendan just stands in awe as Junior articulates his vision for a bike.  I'd assume that Junior looks over what Brendan is doing every so often but that's a time consuming process and susceptible to error.  From a project management point of view an ever changing design is a sign of scope creep which is the primary cause of delay.  I agree with Junior that designing is a creative process but creativity needs to stop at one point especially with a defined deadline.

Villain or hero?  Based on the last few episodes it's the former.
Is the show really showing what Senior's really like? 
Junior finally out of OCC's shadow with a couple of bike
builds for PJD.
My favorite PJD build:  Jared Allen's charity bike.
If this was colored blue---it would have been
Captain America's Chopper!

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