Saturday, September 18, 2010

UNICEF's Champions for Children

"I believe that children are our future,
teach them well and let them lead the way."

That song can never be more true. I guess UNICEF also had this in mind when they launched their Champions for Children campaign last May of 2009.

Having 6 children of my own, I stress on the importance of education in their lives. I have promised them that I will move heaven and earth to get them though their education. Unfortunately for the 2 million children of our country, between 6-11 years old, education is something that their parents cannot afford to provide. This is quite disturbing given that public education is FREE. However, school supplies is another matter.

I am not rich but I do believe that giving to those in need is a soul feeding endeavor. Now let me quantify this. I don't believe in giving alms. I do believe in hard work and support those that show effort and still believe in hope.

A couple of years ago, I have this group of around 15 young children who flock the doors of the Jollibee store , where I used to work as manager, every 4th and the 19th of the month. During that time I buy Php 5.00 worth of sampaguitas to each of them. It isn't much but it is Php 5.00 less sampaguita for them to sell and earlier time for them to go back to their respective familites. My heart breaks whenever I hear them talk about their hardships in making ends meet and how much they wanted to stay in school but couldn't afford it.

These children are all grown up now. I slowly lost touch with them when I transfered to the main office. The younger ones still visited me at our home during Christmas time but that too eventually stopped as they got older.

I was devastated when I saw one of them obviously pregnant as I was riding a jeep to work one day---she was 16. Such is the peril of poverty.

Education is the key that would unlock the shackles of poverty. Believe me, those who are less fortunate are more driven to finish school than those with the means to do so.

When I signed up as a sponsor for The Champions for Children I saw this as an opportunity to revive my support for the needy. My contribution will help support 5 children to go to schools with complete supplies and give oral rehydration salts (ORS) to 24 children suffering from diarrhea. The good thing here is that you are given updates with regard to the progress of the children you are supporting and take part in their educational milestones. That, is reward in itself!

Right now, there are 1,800 sponsors for the Champions for Children. That is equivalent to 9,000 children with an equal chance of rising out of poverty. Be counted and make a difference for our future!

For more information on Champions for Children, visit and click on the Champions for Children on the homepage. Or, call the donor hotline: (632) 758-1000 or 758-1442, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. You can also drop by at the Champion for Children booths in all SM Malls.


carmela prado said...

yey! very very nice to meet a very outspoken man who also shares to his circle of influence how they can be part of something that can make a lot of difference to Filipino children. :)

nonomaca said...

Thank you Carmela! Doing this is something that would feed my soul and score some "pogi" points in heaven!-lol

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