Friday, July 23, 2010

My Take on Climate Change

I planned on attending Al Gore’s presentation on climate change early this July but for reasons I can only attribute to aging---I was not able to.

Mental Note: Plot that in your planner, dummy!

Hmmm…come to think of it this incident only goes to show that time is indeed a RARE commodity. I’ve always been saying that time just zips on by. With all the things that we’ve been doing we don’t notice that the day is already at an end. Sometimes what we thought was Monday is actually Friday.

The issue on climate change and its impact on our future has been a continuing advocacy for the longest time. Movies were made to depict the worse case scenario of a climate gone haywire and scare us into espousing the call to protect the world from a man-induced destruction.

“An Inconvenient Truth” showed us the science behind global warming. “The Day After Tomorrow” made us feel the potential conclusion to our calloused stand with regard to this matter.

Blame that on The Industrial Revolution! This event paved man’s journey towards progress but it also triggered the global percolation that is climate change.

I believe in my heart that all is not yet lost and we can still make the future bright and cozy for our children but we need to start NOW. Alternative sources of energy have been abound: solar, wind, geothermal, ethanol. Right now, these alternative sources are part of the minority in terms of usage. Fossil fuel is utilized to generate 86% or our energy source.

The biggest stumbling block would be the oil producing countries. Of course, the change will need to be gradual but we need to decide NOW whether we want to prolong our existence or do we embrace our inevitable rendezvous with extinction. I’m sure these oil producing countries have children of their own to think about so I guess it would just be a matter of prioritizing LIFE over MONEY. Sigh! Easier said than done, right…

“Either find a way or make one.”---Hannibal

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