Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trans Show @ SM Megamall-April 22, 2009

Men and cars---what can I say, it's a fixation!

I used to collect Matchbox cars when I was still a boy but nothing beats the real ones! Unfortunately, I don't have the resources to collect the genuine article so I just ogle them and capture in my old reliable camera! What better venue to do this than attending car shows! Actually, the fixation is not only with cars but with those mamalicious girls! Well---men will be men! I guess BUSYLIZZY was right when she commented on why men dig going to car shows. She said, "I think the guys go to the car shows to see the cars. I think they stay there longer because of the girls."

What the heck! Forget the cars---let's go to the girls!

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Ron Jerem Lee said...

the bitches bit pig woh... so ugly geh..