Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Sequitin Valentine's Day Reunion

Just came home from the Sequitin reunion held at the Red Box Trinoma. Given my normal Saturday routine, I wouldn't have been able to attend this occasion but my wife requested my presence since this was for their cousin, Kuya Edgar, whom they last saw ages ago. So to take away my reason for not attending---she did my ironing chores last Friday. Done deal.

It was Valentine's Day and Trinoma was teeming with couples celebrating the day: teens, preppies, oldies---they were all out---one hand holding a flower and the other holding the hands of their better half! You could smell the sweet aroma of love in the air! The place was so packed that the motors of three escalators overheated! Me? Well, I have plans with the wife on the 15th. All the kids have been bribed to take care of the household for the day. Flowers? No. The last time I gave my wife a flower(a Php 10 red rose bought at the side of the church near Jollibee Novaliches where we both worked) was 18 years ago when I was still courting her! Actually, everyday is Valentine's day for us! No need for flowers or chocolates to set the mood---WE GO DOWN TO BUSINESS! Now, you know why we have six kids!---he, he, he

Now back to the Sequitin reunion...

The choice of doing the reunion at Red Box was in consideration of two things: accessibility to all the attendees and the Sequitin's penchant for videoke! Any get together won't be complete without someone belting it out in the videoke machine! That's based on my personal experience in attending clan functions. This one was no different. In fairness, may "K" naman ang mga malakas ang loob kumanta! In that note, it was like attending a concert of sorts! The food was good and since it was "eat all you can" it was truly filling! Unfortunately, the function room can only comfortably accomodate 25 and with the turn out at 50 (not counting the toddlers) it was humid and crowded inside! However, with so much years in between the last time the clan saw each other last, this condition did little to dampen the spirit of the occasion! I was on baby duty that time and with the singing, playing, eating, and talking all happening at the same time I had to get out of the room to let Justin get his afternoon nap in a quiter and cooler place. I reckon I missed around an hour and a quarter of songs during this time.

Being an extended family member, it was fun seeing them re-aquaint themselves with each other. Tears were flowing at one point. But the best thing is seeing the young ones bond in such a short while, specially Kirstie, Kuya Edgar's daughter, with her Australian accent, was able to communicate well with her cousins! Well, I'm sure that this will not be the last that Kuya Edgar and his family will be visiting given all the fun they had last night!

Thank you for the blow-out Kuya Edgar!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

Note: It seems kinda weird with me putting the title "kuya" to Edgar since he looks younger than me...hmmm...need to ask about that one...

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